The board of Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education

The Board is the Learnings Centre's upper body and is responsible for strategic business development, and economic control and supervision of operations.

The Board consists of five members, including the chairman. The University of Stavanger and Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research appoint two members each. The Ministry of Education and Research appoint the Chairman in agreement with the University of Stavanger.


  • Ingrid Hernes (chair of the board)
  • Martin Østerdal
  • Anders Isnes
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts and Education University of Stavanger, currently Elaine Munthe
  • Grete S. Vaaland


  • Trond Johnsen (deputy member for Martin Østerdal)
  • Monica Melby Lervåg (deputy member for Anders Isnes)
  • Faculty Director, Faculty of Arts and Education, currently Ingunn Folgerø (deputy member for Elaine Munthe)
  • Hanne Jahnsen, (deputy member for Grete S. Vaaland)