Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Sandra Graham

Sandra Graham is a Distinguished Professor in the Human Development and Psychology division in the Department of Education at UCLA and the University of California Presidential Chair in Education and Diversity. She received her BA from Barnard College, an MA in History from Columbia University, and her PhD in Education from UCLA. Graham is a developmental social psychologist. Her major research interests include the study of academic motivation and social development in children of color, particularly in school contexts that vary in racial/ethnic diversity.  She focuses on how school context variables such as racial/ethnic diversity contribute to the development of cross-ethnic friendships, positive intergroup attitudes, multiple social identities, and coping with peer bullying. 

Graham is a 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development Award from the Society for Research on Child Development, the 2014 E. L. Thorndike Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Educational Psychology from the American Psychological Association, and in 2015 she was elected to the  National Academy of Education.  

Title of Talk: Psychosocial Consequences of Racial /ethnic Segregation in Schools

Doc. Dr. Aysun Doğan

Aysun Doğan is an associate professor of developmental psychology and the director of the Child and Adolescent Research Lab at Ege University, İzmir, Turkey. She received a BSc in psychology at METU, Turkey and PhD in applied developmental psychology at Claremont Graduate University, California, USA.
Dr. Doğan ran numerous international and national research projects focusing on adolescents’ risk taking behaviors, friendship relations of young adults, immigrant children’s psychological well-being, and adolescent-parent relations. Her current research interests include well-being of refugee children and adolescents, bullying, victimization, friendship relations, and preventive intervention programs. She has been implementing the first evidence-based bullying prevention program (ViSC) in Turkish schools since 2015.

Title of Talk: Promoting inclusion and preventing bullying in Turkish schools

Prof. Simona C. S. Caravita

Dr. Simona Caravita is Associate Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy. Her research interests encompass bullying, aggressive behavior, moral development, peer relationships in late childhood and adolescence. In her studies she has investigated the role of peer status and norms, and moral distortions, in particular moral disengagement, in explaining youth’s behaviors of participation in bullying.

Recently she has focused on the phenomenon of ethnic bullying. On this topic, she has realized some of the first studies on bullying involving immigrants in Italy. Currently, she is the principal investigator of a national project aimed to develop evidence-based intervention to tackle ethnic bullying, funded from the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (line PRIN 207, nr. 20173E3Z7W_003). She works within international networks of scholars with relevant experience in studying bullying and developing anti-bullying interventions, including Christina Salmivalli, Dagmar Strohmeier, Hildegunn Fandrem and Ersilia Menesini. She is author of several scientific papers, published on international journals and presented her studies at several international conferences. With Dagmar Strohmeier, Hildegunn Fandrem and Elizabeth Stefanek is author of the systematic review School Bullying related to Migration, granted by the UNESCO and presented at the World Antibullying Forum 2019 in Dublin (Ireland).

Title of Talk: Moral Disengagement as Risk Factor for General Bullying and Racial/Ethnic bullying