Call for Papers for Special Issue

Presenters of the 24th Workshop on Aggression are invited to submit their manuscripts for a special issue of the International Journal of Developmental Science.

We welcome manuscripts on this year’s main topics of the Workshop on Aggression as well as manuscripts on all other aggression-related topics from interdisciplinary fields, such as psychology, neuroscience, sociology, education, or political sciences.

Important Dates

15th Febuary 2020: Deadline to submit the full manuscript

30th May 2020: Feedback according to reviews

30th August 2020: Revised manuscript submissions due

30th September 2020: Second feedback

November 2020: Publication of Special Section

International Journal of Developmental Science (IJDS)

Aim of the IJDS is to present the state of the art of research in the realm of developmental science conducted in multiple disciplines worldwide. The IJDS provides a platform for diverse types of empirical studies and theoretical papers dealing with bio-psychosocial mechanisms of change, human development, and psychopathology during infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Authors are invited to submit original empirical or theoretical contributions as well as methodological and review papers. Manuscripts devoted to interdisciplinary topics of phylogenetic or ontogenetic human development are of particular interest.