Award to Hildegunn Fandrem

Hildegunn Fandrem, Associated Professor at Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education, is awarded "Excellent grant of Upper Austrian Government”. The scholarship covers travel to and a ten days stay in Austria.

The grant is funded by the Upper Austrian Government who aims to bring good researchers to the country. Fandrem has previously collaborated with Professor Dagmar Strohmeier at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and it is Strohmeier who has applied for funding to get her research partner to Austria. Strohmeier is head of a research platform in intercultural competence and states that she considers Fandrem as an expert in migration research, and that Fandrems areas of research fits perfect with the aims of the platform.

Fandrem wrote her PhD on immigrant youth and bullying. One of the findings was that immigrant youth seem to have other motives for bullying than ethnic Norwegian youth.

Bullying among immigrant youth
Strohmeier was involved in Fandrems PhD work, and the two researchers have continued their partnership. In December, Fandrem travels to Austria to continue the research on bullying and peer relations among immigrant youth. Together with Strohmeier she will look at group relations.

- This is a great opportunity. Dagmar has already collected data that can provide answers to the questions we have asked ourselves, as an extension of my PhD work. Dagmar has also in her research found the same as in Norway when it comes to what bullying is related to for adolescents boys with and without immigrant background.
Although the situation in Austria is different when in terms of immigration policy, history and which nationality the largest immigrants groups represent, there are still some psychological mechanisms that are the same across the countries. This means that further findings about peer relations among immigrant youth in Austria, most likely can be transferred to the Norwegian setting, says Fandrem.

Scholarship to research partners
Each year researchers at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can apply for grants for their partners. This year, Fandrem is the lucky one.
- It’s great that the University has this grant. A condition is that the researchers have worked together previously, she says.
During Fandrems stay in Austria in December they plan to finish an article, but they meet already in September.
- The plan is to meet at a conference in Switzerland in September. Besides attending a symposium together, we will discuss some ideas and start the process with a new article, Fandrem says.

Professor Dagmar Strohmeier is a highly reputable researcher, who among other things has done research on children and young people who are being bullied because of their ethnic background. Her research includes development and methodological issues. She has conducted a number of studies on social inclusion and mental health among young people as well as programs to promote social and intercultural skills in school. She has also worked with prevention of violence among children and young people.
- It is inspiring to work with researchers who are interested in and work with exactly the same issues as I am concerned with. We are very coordinated and are likely to cooperate also beyond 2013, Fandrem says.

Fandrem and Strohmeier have written several articles together. In this article Norway and Austria are compared:
Strohmeier, D., Fandrem, H., & Spiel, C. (2012). The need for peer acceptance and affiliation as underlying motive for aggressive behavior and bullying others among immigrant youth in Austrian and Norway. Anales de Psicología , 28 (3), s. 695-704(pdf).