New Professor II at Centre for Learning Environment

Professor Dagmar Strohmeier is employed as Professor II at Centre for Learning Environment and Faculty of Arts and Education.

Photo of Professor Dagmar Strohmeier.

Dr. Strohmeier will work with the research group “Diversity and Inclusion”. Here she will continue her own projects, as well as develop new projects in collaboration with the Centre and the Faculty.

"I'm looking forward to this, from this first kick off, and onwards when I return in June. I hope and believe that we will benefit from each other's experiences in the research group”, Dr. Strohmeier says.

Dr. Strohmeier works at the University of Applied Science Upper Austrian, Linz, Austria, but will visit Stavanger regularly. The program for the first trip to Norway was divided between the departments in Stavanger and Porsgrunn. In Stavanger, there were meetings at Faculty level to develop a PhD-course, currently with the working title “Contemporary perspectives on diversity, inclusion and education”. In Porsgrunn there was a meeting in the research group Diversity and Inclusion, where everyone presented their ongoing projects and what the group can do together in the future.

"It's exciting to hear what other researchers are doing, and find out where we can help each other," she says.

Newly employed, but not new to the Centre

The Professor is not a new face at the Centre. The knowledge of the Centre, which led to the later cooperation, occurred back in 2002.

“I read an article written by Erling Roland. It was different, and in many ways, it reflected my own thinking about bullying. Two years later, I met him at a conference, and later I was introduced to others at the center. If someone had told me 15 years ago that I was going to work for Centre for Learning Environment and the University of Stavanger, I would not have believed them. I am very excited about this, she says.

How to understand immigrant youth

On her first day as an employee at the University, Dr. Strohmeier held an open lecture, with the topic “Understanding immigrant youth development from a developmental socio-ecological resilience theory perspective”.

"Much of my research is about culture and migration, as well as bullying and inclusion. In the lecture, I also talked about how we can include immigrants, and especially in school. It is also something I will research on in collaboration with the Centre”, she says.