Open lectures about school bullying

Professor Dennis S. W. Wong from City University of Hong Kong is visiting Centre for Learning Environment and UiS the first week of November. As a part of the visit there will be two open lectures about school bullying.

School Bullying in the Chinese Context
Monday November 2nd at 14.15–15.30 in room R-354, Hulda Garborgs house (3rd floor)

By Professor Dennis S. W. Wong
Discussant: Professor Unni Vere Midthassel, Professor Erling Roland       

School bullying has been a growing concern globally. In the past, findings about children and adolescents’ bullying behavior are largely derived from research conducted in the West. The school bullying phenomenon in the East, particularly the Greater China region, is relatively under-explored until recent decades. Over the past fifteen years, schools in major Chinese societies including the Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have experienced increasing difficulties with bullying that has led to calls for a systematic investigation of its characteristics, causes, as well as strategies to prevent the bullying issue. In this presentation, selected empirical findings on the characteristics of bullying perpetrators, victims, and the offense circumstances in the Chinese context are described. Implications to future bullying studies will also be examined.

Preventing and tackling school bullying with Restorative Practices
Friday November 6th at 12.45–14.00 in room P-230, Hulda Garborgs house (2nd floor)

By Professor Dennis S. W. Wong
Discussant: Professor Erling Roland

Restorative Whole-School Approach is a comprehensive strategy in working with school bullying. The approach does not focus on short-term punishment, but on building a long-term positive school environment to prevent bullying. With illustration of some real case examples, this presentation highlights the framework of Restorative Whole-school Approach developed in Hong Kong, and discusses how restorative practices could help to build up a peaceful learning environment for children, and tackling risk factors conducive to school bullying.


About Professor Dennis S. W. Wong
Dennis S.W. Wong is Professor of Criminology & Social Work at Department of Applied Social Sciences, and Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. His areas of teaching and research are criminology, youth studies, parents-child relationships, conflict management, and restorative justice. Dennis is honorary consultant on youth drugs abuse, school bullying, and offenders’ rehabilitation for governmental organizations in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. He also serves as board member for a number of non-governmental organizations.

Professor Dennis S. W. Wong

Professor Dennis S. W. Wong