VITE – Videobased Improvement for TEachers

The main objective for Ella Bjerga Pettersen's research project has been to develop and pilot a scheme for continuous professional development for teachers.

The research into efficient teacher development programmes has not kept up with current developments, in spite of the focus on obtaining the benefits of sustained and intensive teacher development programmes versus more traditional, individual workshops. The participating teachers enter into a one-on-one collaboration with an employee of the Centre for Learning Environment with special expertise in classroom interactions. The work will be based on use of the CLASS framework, which is a theory and research-based observation tool developed specifically to provide feedback to teachers regarding their own practice. As this project is based on the teachers' own practice, covers an entire school year and uses a research-based and valid framework, it is assumed that the project will result in increased involvement on the part of the students, and thus improved subject and social learning outcomes. Whether or not this assumption holds up is the subject of the research project.  

The Ph.D. programme is of an experimental design, where data will be generated based on questionnaires for students and teachers, as well as systematic video observations in the classroom. The project will involve one group of teachers who will serve as the intervention group and another group of teachers as a control group, along with the classes that they teach. The students will provide feedback via electronic questionnaires that measure situational involvement at the end of each video monitored classroom period. The teachers provide feedback via an electronic questionnaire addressing their own classroom management, stress, work situation, etc. The video observations will be scored using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System, secondary version (CLASS-S; Pianta, Hamre, & Mintz, 2012).

Ella Bjerga Pettersen. Photo: Jeanette Larsen.

Ella Bjerga Pettersen. Photo: Jeanette Larsen.