Measures agaist bullying in school

Everyone in the school is responsible for preventing bullying.

According to a Norwegian pupils survey, between 30,000 and 40,000 children and youth experience bullying both physically and digitally, and research shows that bullying has serious consequences. We also know that distinct attitudes and actions stop bullying.

Whether you are a school owner, educational counselor, a cleaner at the school, in the administration, a nurse, an assistant in class, a fellow student and spectator, a parent, and not least a principal and teacher, you are responsible for pupils learning. EVERYONE in school makes a difference.

Each individual must know what he or she can do, if he or she sees pupils being repeatedly harassed. It is useful to know what the definition of bullying is and what to do if it turns out that the offenses you observe is bullying.

How pupils experience school, is essential to their learning. A pupils subjective experiences must be taken seriously and investigated. It is the pupils and parents right to be heard.

On these pages on our website, you will find information about bullying in school, and on what you in your role, can do to prevent, detect and stop bullying.