For Parents

It hurts to hear that your child is being bullied or bully others. The school is obliged to have plans for dealing with bullying. Please contact the school.

When bullied, your child needs you, and it is important that you keep your heart warm and head cold.

  • Your child or adolescent needs to know that you understand and provide support
  • Contact the school
  • Let the school take care of investigations and measures
  • You can complain to the county governor (fylkesmannen) if the school does not do enough

When you're told that your child bothers another, it hurts.

  • Do not dismiss the person who tells you about it
  • Talk quietly and seriously with your child
  • Cooperate with the school
  • Collaborate with the guardians of the person being bullied

"It takes a village to raise a child"

  • Talk lovingly to your child about the others in the class and in the street
  • Ask your children to be aware and to contribute to helping others in class and in their street feel that they belong.
  • Ask your child to tell at home and at school if anyone is being bullied.
  • Collaborate with the other guardians
  • Cooperate with school

Text: Professor Erling Roland


Prevent bullying:
Parents' contribution to reducing bullying among children and adults