It is all about Respect

Respect aims to prevent and reduce problem behaviour at individual, class and school level through improving teacher skills.

Two girls

The programme requires the involvement and commitment from everyone at the school, including pupils, staff and parents. Respect emphasizes that adults should be unambiguous, predictable and considerate.

The Respect programme focuses on how to prevent and stop bullying, violence and disobedience, and how to improve pupils` on task orientation and learning outcomes.

The aim of Respect is to improve the school's academic and social learning environment by preventing and reducing several types of behavioural problems. The principle of Respect is to achieve measurable change in student behaviour through developing teachers' and management's competence to act.

Development of knowledge and skills in classroom management is a cornerstone of the programme. Parents, students and other health care providers in the community will also have a role in this work. Schools participating in the programme receive support from the programme supplier and the local supervisor.

Key principles in Respect are the development of collective authoritative adults, consistency (measures that are interrelated and reinforce each other), continuity (keeping the goals and direction for the work over time) and width (involvement of a wide range of actors and breadth of focus).

All adults should demonstrate that they are caregivers. Respect means that pupils should show respect for each other, the teacher should show respect for the individual pupil and the pupils should respect the teacher.

Several studies have documented that Respect has effect on key factors for a good learning environment, such as discipline, concentration and bullying.

Results also show that pupils experience increased academic and emotional support as well as increased attention from teachers, which clearly indicates that teachers have gained control in the classrooms. Research also shows that the programme has a good long-term effect.