New PhD Candidate in the CIESL-project

PhD Candidate Maren Stahl Lerang is going to study variation in classroom interactions among teachers with different educational background and work experience.

The aim of the PhD project is to get information about teachers who have their teacher job as their second career. The focus in the project will be on how the second career teachers practice classroom interaction, in contrast to other novice first career teachers and more experienced teachers. In addition, she wants to explore how internal factors in school, such as organization and/or personal characteristics can promote or hinder classroom interaction, students’ motivation, and the social and academic learning outcome for students.

The background and relevance for the project are linked to the decrease  in the oil industry which has led to retraining and re-education among oil industry employees. As a result, more people than before have applied to the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) to achieve competence to work as a certified teacher. PhD Candidate Maren Stahl Lerang investigates how second career teachers experience and develop their role as a teacher, and how they use their previous job experiences in their new teacher job. Many people change career and job during life, and in a second career it is not unusual to become a teacher. Still, there is little research in Norway and international when it comes to this topic.

The methods will consist of survey among teachers and students, as well as systematic video observation in the classroom. The total sample involves one group of second career teachers, one group of novice first career teachers, and one group of experienced teachers, and classes they are teaching. Both teachers and students answer a survey that measures classroom interaction and learning environment. To score the video observations, Classroom Assessment Scoring System, secondary version (CLASS-S; Pianta, Hamre, & Mintz, 2012) will be used.

The project needs more teachers to participate. Are you a candidate, or do you know anyone who fits the criteria, please send an e-mail to


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Maren Stahl Lerang. Photo: Jeanette Larsen.

Maren Stahl Lerang