PhD on teachers' learning activities and learning outcomes

PhD Candidate Sue (Ksenia) Solheim examines how teachers' learning activities and learning outcomes of interventions focusing on improving teachers' classroom management skills.

Her work is based on her Master study which explores the single teacher’s understanding of the concept of authoritative teaching style and single teacher’s experience of translating this knowledge into practice. The research question of the Master thesis is: How do inexperience and experienced teachers perceive their authoritative teaching style in classroom?

The question focuses on interactions between teacher and students in sociocultural system such as school and focuses on process in organization of classroom management and thus link to important research literature and theory.

It demonstrates the conceptual frameworks of Evertson and Weinstein, Hamre and Pianta, Wubbles and Baumrind and others. They helped to uncover and describe the participants’ perspectives on events. The Respect programme has been used to illustrate the positive influence of authoritative teaching style in everyday realities.

This qualitative study developed greater and deeper understanding about the authoritative teaching style through the in-depth study of five teachers’ knowledge about classroom management and difficult situations referring to this subject. If teachers are equipped with knowledge about authoritative teaching from the very beginning of their career and have patience and determination, they will become strong and impregnable in the matter of classroom management.

Sue Solheim