The CIESL project presented at ICSEI 2015

At the annual International Congress for School Effectiveness and School Improvement (ICSEI) January 3rd-6th the CIESL project was presented in an international context for the first time.

ICSEI congress

This years’ conference held in Cincinnati, USA assembled researchers, policy makers and practitioners from 32 countries.

CIESL go international
Professor Sigrun K. Ertesvåg (CIESL project manager) participated with two paper presentations. This early in the project, we have little results to present, but there are many aspects of the project to discuss. As one of four papers presented in a session on research methodology, our presentation addressed strengths and weaknesses of teachers self-report, student reports and observations of classroom management.

All measurements have strengths and weaknesses, discussing them, not at least to be aware of what information each method can provide is important. Eventually, the paper will be further developed for publication.

The second presentation addressed transformational and transactional leadership and took Associate professor Constance Oterkiil’s work in her resent PhD thesis as a starting point. She developed a measurement for assessing transformational and transactional leadership as part of a schools’ capacity and readiness to implement school based interventions. This measurement is included in the CIESL implementation study and will be further validated and developed as part of CIESL.

Important meeting place
Conferences as ICSEI is an opportunity to present the project to an international audience and get in touch with international colleagues that can add to the knowledge base we have in the project. In this respect, the conference was successful. 

The conference program was highly relevant for the project. At least three of the keynote speakers have informed the CIESL knowledge base and it was highly interesting to listen to their own presentation of their work. Dr. Robert Marzzano, researcher in the field of classroom interaction and school organization, presented a model of high-reliability schools.

Dr. Thomas L. Good, Professor, University of Arizona, discussed what is known about teaching actions that consistently have been linked to student achievement across grade level and subject matter areas. Finally, Dan Duke, Professor, University of Virginia, discussed turning around low-performing schools. Please, find more information about the program at ICSEI 2015 here.

Text: Sigrun K.Ertesvåg