Gifted children

In the Skoleklar project gifted children will be studied in one of the subprojects. There are many differences that distinguish gifted children from other children. Ella Maria Cosmovici Idsøe have worked with these children before, both in practice and in psychological research. We asked her why it is so important to include these children in a study focusing on school readiness.

- To focus on these children at all is new and important in a Norwegian context. To our knowledge this is the first Norwegian research project with a focus on gifted children. Research shows that these children very early develop good strategies for learning, and therefore it is important to include them in the project, emphasizes Cosmovici.

Do we have something to learn from them?
- We want to find out if the learning strategies they use can be shared with other children. Gifted children often have abilities to understand and explain their own learning strategies, and thus it is possible to include these children as informants in qualitative studies.

Why do you think Norway do not have research with particular focus on gifted children?
- Many people are confused and misunderstand the concept of giftedness and believe that these children can manage by themselves and do not need special support. The focus of this project is to highlight the gifted child by looking at the special needs of these children and what they can teach us, says Cosmovici.