School readiness measures

The Norwegian daycare centers have recently been incorporated into the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Life-long learning has been introduced as a goal, and daycare centers are going to focus even more on efforts towards preparing young children for school. An intriguing question in this regard is what daycare centers should prioritize when it comes to preparing children for school. What should be the main ingredients in school readiness measures among 5-year-olds?

International research shows that young children's attention, ability to self-regulate, and the ability to develop positive relationships with teachers and peers seem to be important predictors of learning in early school years. In many ways “learning to learn”, focus and relate to others seem to be just as important as, or may be even more important than, cognitive abilities and skills achieved during daycare years.

Many social background factors may pose a risk to young children's opportunities for success in school. In what way can Norwegian daycare centers compensate for such vulnerability among young children and contribute to social equality?