Systematics, analysis and reflection

The LP-model is a system theoretic analysis model and not a method. It is a model for the analysis of educational challenges, the improvement of the learning environment and the realisation of suitable education in the school.

The aim is to gain an explicit understanding of the factors which trigger, influence and maintain the students’ actions and behaviour. The model includes a range of work principles which demonstrate how one should proceed in order to arrive at a decision about what should be done. The teachers themselves evolve the measures which should be used in order to develop good learning environments. The measures should be directed towards reducing the importance of the factors which trigger and maintain problems in the school.

Work with the LP-model does not follow traditional strategies which involve trying out a method or a particular measure in the school. The measures which the teachers will implement will be developed locally as a result of an analysis of the challenges and conditions in the particular class/group or school. This is in accordance with research on how development work should be carried out in school.

The procedural method can be simply outlined as follows:

Analysis and reflection section

  • A teacher presents to the teachers’ group a challenge related to a student, group/class or his/her own class management.
  • Collective analysis of the challenge takes place in order to arrive at a concrete approach to the problem and to determine what information needs to be collected.
  • Collective planning concerning the assembling of information.
  • The collecting of information.Analysis of the information in order to find those factors responsible for causing the problem.

Strategy and measures section

  • Collective strategy and the development of measures.
  • Collective preparation of a plan for implementing the measures.
  • The teacher implements the plan for three to six weeksCollective evaluation of the implementation.
  • The plans can be revised along the way.