The Zero programme

Zero is an anti-bullying programme which schools can use to prevent and reduce bullying. The programme is completed.


It is the schools employees who possess the responsibility to execute this zero-tolerance principle in an authoritative but not authoritarian way. Zero gives school employees the knowledge and skills they need to recognise bullying and to prevent it.

Zero gives school employees the knowledge and skills they need:

  • to recognise bullying
  • to solve issues in bullying
  • to prevent future bullying and
  • to make prevention of bullying an integrated part of the school’s everyday work.

In Zero, pupils participate actively in the school’s work to create a bullying-free environment. Zero tolerance of bullying is one of the main principles of the programme.  Pupil representatives from each year group have a special responsibility and parents are also actively involved.

The initial implementation of the Zero programme lasts for one year.  During this period, the school receives support from one or two advisors.  In addition to this teachers’ book, Zero provides an idea book for student councils, an action plan and a film, which shows how schools can step in when bullying occurs.

Experience shows that a clearly focused, systematic programme, aimed at individuals and systems within schools, is effective in preventing bullying. A long-term commitment gives the best and most lasting results in the prevention of bullying.

The programme has been developed by Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural research in Education (previously known as Centre for Behavioural Research) at the University of Stavanger.