Opening of Zero in Chile

The 28th of march, the implementation of the Zero-program in Chile was marked by a colorful and evocative opening.

Lester Lino from Columbia Educational Designs wanted to adopt the Zero-program to reduce bullying problems in Chile. Centre for Behavioural Research wanted to contribute to this work, and we are happy to see that work is well underway.

Many wanted to be present at the opening, and Codelco-Minera Hales, the Mayor of Calama, representatives from the Local Corporation for Social Development, representatives from the Norwegian Embassy, principals from both schools, students and the press were among those who had found their way.

The local newspaper in Calama has written about implementation. The highlights include Calama as a pioneer in the use of anti-bullying program, and mentions the program's success in Norway.

Picture of children i Chile

Mr. Luis Velasquez (Mayor of Calama), Riitta Alanen (Norwegian Embassy), teacher and students were present at the opening.