Zero in Latin America – a reality

Since 2003, over 370 schools in Norway have implemented Zero. The program is now reaching out to schools in Chile.

Zero is a program that focuses on creating a good learning environment without bullying. The program is developed by researchers at Centre for behavioral research. A zero tolerance for bullying, active involvement by the school and commitment are important factors in the program. Calama City in Chile wants to improve the schools environment for learning, and they are now going to implement Zero into two schools in the city.

Mr. Rudolfo Lino and Ms. Ana Luisa Fernandez are responsible for the implementation process. Mr. Rudolfo Lino has a master’s degree in Education Psychology and Ms. Ana Luisa Fernandez is former Director of Education for Antofagasta Region. The University of Santiago and the University of Antofagasta will also provide with tools to measure the climate of the schools, with some professors to support the implementation process and with postgraduate students to develop their thesis in the implementation. The program will be sponsored financially by Columbia and Codelco.

Zero is also creating an interest by others who show their support for the implementation. The US Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and by the Chilean Senator Carlos Cantero are among those who have great expectations to the program and believe Zero will have a positive impact on the school climate.