There is an increasing amount of stress-related afflictions among young people. The experiences of stress is linked to the expectations faced at school and otherwise in life. Thus, measures to render adolescents better able to handle the challenges and expectations they will have to face, render them more robust in terms of the challenges of life, are important.

Based on research, we know that such measures may have a considerable positive effect for children and young people's ability to handle challenges at school, their learning outcomes and mental health.

The Centre for Learning Environment and the University of Stavanger Business School have developed such a measure named ROBUST. ROBUST is a course for school employees where they learn how to teach students five main elements:

  • Learning mindset
  • Ability to regulate emotions
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Attentive presence
  • Social competence and social responsibility

This measure greatly emphasises the importance of pedagogical methods that students of the relevant age-group find attractive, and is to a large degree structured as exercises where the students participate actively. The measure also uses visual teaching aids adapted to students in lower secondary school.

ROBUST is affiliated with the programme area and topical group, both named "Learning environment and mental health" at the Centre for Learning Environment.