Teachers' learning activities and learning outcomes

Ksenia Sofonova examines how teachers' learning activities and learning outcomes of interventions focusing on improving teachers' classroom management skills.

Robert Pianta (1999) describes classroom management as a communication process, through which teacher and student exchange information.  Three major domains: emotional support (Teachers’ ability to support social and emotional functioning in the classroom), classroom organization (teacher’ knowledge of behavior management strategies, allows to increase level of engagement in learning for students and decrease student’ bad behavior) and instructional support (focused on how the teachers implement curriculum and learning activities to full effective support and academic development) are the basic pillars of classroom management.

Since teachers still report to struggle on implementing classroom management skills into practice, this project will look into the ways teachers actually learn and the learning activities they use. Data will be collected by e-mail through digital logs to examine the activities of the teachers.

Jan Vermunt (2011) emphasis that the process of teacher learning includes process of learning environment, learning process itself  and learning outcome and that this process is closely linked to students learning. The PhD project investigates all these aspects in order to improve teachers’ classroom skills and students’ learning in the end.  

Ksenia Sofonova

Ksenia Sofonova